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There used to be a lot of mystery surrounding the calculation of home loan. To many, it seemed as if only the elusive, accountng big brains could perform this calculation.

Now, this easy to use home loan calculator is here at nafmortgagecalculator.com to do that for you. Calculate your home loan ad make the best decision for you and your family.

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Here is a useful checklist of things our advisors will recommend you to take care of:

Improve credit rating

Nothing speaks credibility to a lender quite like a clean credit score report. Have a look at your credit score to know what lenders will see. If there is room, make improvements. Looking for ways to do so? Ask us!

Try to lower as many debts and other fiancial commitments as possible

Having fewer debts is always a good idea. It will increase your chances of obtaining a loan quicker. Therefore, try to fulfill debts as soon as possible.

Have a solid savings history

Again, showing that you are diligent in your savings will only shift the balance in your favor. It will be an indicator of your ability to successfully manage your finances. We all make mistakes so don’t worry. You can get industry tips from us – just give us a message.

Have a safety back up

Having a backup savings will be your safety net if case anything unexpectedly happens.

Apply to only a few select lenders

Each lender you apply with will show up on your credit report. Avoid having too many lenders on your credit history. Instead, only apply after doing thorough research on each lender. In fact, if you work with us you will never have to worry about a negative impact on your credit score.

Do NOT hold back any information you think might be useful. Maintain absolute transparency

Have peace of mind by working with our advisors who keep your information confiential.

Have a stable job and avoid any sudden switches

Having a stable job and income is helpful in getting qualifid for a home loan. Avoid any sudden job changes.

Don’t forget to include other possible income sources

If your wife, child, parent, or partner is working consider including them on your loan application to increase your chances for qualifiation.

Perks and bonuses

Show us proofs of commission and bonus income to improve your eligibility.

You are now ready to calculate mortgage like a pro and get
on your way to obtaining a home loan!