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mortgage calculator

mortgage calculator

Wondering what your mortgage payment will be? You don’t need to have a working mathematical knowledge of
things like compound interest to calculate your mortgage payments.

Our mortgage calculator is easy to use regardless of your knowledge and understanding of amortization formulas.

Find out mortgages related figures rightatnafmortgagecalculator.com and determine our suitability to get a home loan.


Home Price

Self-explanatory enough, this is the value of your home in dollars. You can also use an estimated value if you don’t have a vaue yet.

Down Payment

This is the sum you will pay before purchasing your new home. Down payment vary depending on the cash you have available but mst loan lenders require that you pay a minimum of 3%. As you might expect, a bigger down payment means a lower monthly payment. But your situation might be different; so feel free to message us right now and get a no cost consultation.

Loan Term

This will be the length of your mortgage. Through this, you can find out which loan spanning over which period of time is most suitable for you. For instance, in a 30-year fied-rate mortgage you will have to make a lower monthly payment. On the flp side, you will pay a greater amount of interest throughout the term. Similarly, a shorter, 15-year term will mean higher monthly payments but lowered amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.

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Interest Rate

It will be a prefilled fild for now but your actual interest rate will be determined by factors such as credit score report and down payment.

Closing Day

On the day of closing, you will meet with your closing agent and real estate agent to sign all the required documents. You may also get to meet with an attorney–depending on the state you’re living in.

Extra Payments

You may wonder the impact a higher down payment or making extra payments will have on your loan term. Find out how paying extra each month or even just once in a while, will affct your overall payment through the calculator.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

An ARM is a good option for many borrowers. With an initially lower interest rate, many borrowers who plan to sell or refiance the property before the loan adjusts choose the Adustable rate option. Find out now with the mortgage calculator.

Private Mortgage Insurance

Once your equity reaches 20% you’ll have the opportunity to remove mortgage insurance. Find out when you will reach 20% so that you can request the lender to get rid of private mortgage insurance as soon as possible.

Other Ways to Use a Mortgage Calculator

Getting a mortgage is a big step and you probably have a lot of questions about your loan options. Use our home mortgage loan calculator and learn just about anything you would want to know about your home loan payments

You are now ready to calculate mortgage like a pro and get
on your way to obtaining a home loan!